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Critical Phenomena and Complex Systems Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳俊仲教授 (Prof. Chun-Chung, Chen)
Committee members : Shu-Chiuan Chang (NCKU), Chi-Ming Chen (NTNU), Chi-Ning Chen (NDHU), Shu-Heng Chen (Natl. Chengchi U.), Chung-I Chou (Chinese Culture U.), Ming-Chung Ho (Natl. Kaoshiung Normal U.), Chin-Kun Hu (AS), Ming-Chang Huang (Chung-Yuan Christian U.), I-Ming Jiang (Natl. Sun-Yat Sen U.), hai-Yu Lin (Natl. Chung Cheng U.), Ning-Ning Pan (NTU), Wen-Jer Tzeng (Tamkang U.), Ming-Chya Wu (NCU)
Brief Description
The purpose of this focused group is to work on various model systems to gain a better understanding of critical phenomena and then apply the methods and concepts from such studies to interdisciplinary problems, especially the complex systems. The problems to be studied include: (1) lattice models of critical systems (such as Ising, Potts, dimer models, spin glass, etc), (2) chaos, synchronization, and non-equilibrium process, (3) networks and self-organized critical systems (such as sandpile model), (4) structure and properties of biological macromolecules (such as DNA, RNA, and protein), (5) molecular biological evolution models, and (6) models for economic and social systems.
Since members of this FG scatter in different universities and research institutes, the main academic activities of this FG include six 2 3 days workshops and one International Workshop on Biological Physics and Complex Systems on 6-11 August 2007. In each workshop, some invitors from other countries were invited to give a series of talks on topics related to the interest of this FG. Some members of our FG and researchers in Taiwan were also invited to give talks so that related research problems can be discussed. Some foreign visitors also work with researchers of this FG on join research problems.
In 2007, the key active members of this FG include Professor Shu-Chiuan Chang (National Cheng-Kung University), Professor Wen-Che Tzeng (Tamkang University), Dr. Ming-Chya Wu (National Central University), Hsin-Chang Chi (Department of Applied Science, National Hualien University of Education), Dr. Jung- Hsin Lin (Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica), Prof. Jui-Ling Yu (Dept. of Applied Math., Providence University)
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