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Critical Phenomena and Complex Systems Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳俊仲教授 (Prof. Chun-Chung, Chen)
Committee members : Shu-Chiuan Chang (NCKU), Chi-Ming Chen (NTNU), Chi-Ning Chen (NDHU), Shu-Heng Chen (Natl. Chengchi U.), Chung-I Chou (Chinese Culture U.), Ming-Chung Ho (Natl. Kaoshiung Normal U.), Chin-Kun Hu (AS), Ming-Chang Huang (Chung-Yuan Christian U.), I-Ming Jiang (Natl. Sun-Yat Sen U.), hai-Yu Lin (Natl. Chung Cheng U.), Ning-Ning Pan (NTU), Wen-Jer Tzeng (Tamkang U.), Ming-Chya Wu (NCU)
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1.From March to August 2007, we have organized four 2007 NCTS Workshop on Critical Phenomena and Complex Systems. The program of the workshops can be found at activities/workshop.html.
2.We had organized 2007 Taiwan International Workshop on Biological Physics and Complex Systems 6-11 August 2007, at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei. The program of the workshop can be found at ivities/ conference/2007/
3.We are organizing 2007 NCTS Workshop October Workshop on 12, 13, and 15 October. At this workshop, Professor Kensei Kobayashi (Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University, JAPAN) will give two 80 minutes talks on "Chemical Evolution from Complex Organics in Space to Life", which is a very interesting and stimulating topic. Some other speakers from USA, France, Poland and Taiwan have been invited to give talks on protein research and complex systems.
4.In December 2007, we will organize another workshop. 5. We have organized a series of seminars and group meetings on critical phenomena and complex systems at Physics Department of Chung-Yuan Cristian University and Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica.
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