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Critical Phenomena and Complex Systems Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳俊仲教授 (Prof. Chun-Chung, Chen)
Committee members : Shu-Chiuan Chang (NCKU), Chi-Ming Chen (NTNU), Chi-Ning Chen (NDHU), Shu-Heng Chen (Natl. Chengchi U.), Chung-I Chou (Chinese Culture U.), Ming-Chung Ho (Natl. Kaoshiung Normal U.), Chin-Kun Hu (AS), Ming-Chang Huang (Chung-Yuan Christian U.), I-Ming Jiang (Natl. Sun-Yat Sen U.), hai-Yu Lin (Natl. Chung Cheng U.), Ning-Ning Pan (NTU), Wen-Jer Tzeng (Tamkang U.), Ming-Chya Wu (NCU)
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1. Prof. Shu-Chiuan Chang (Physics Department, National Cheng Kung University) visited NCTS (North) during winter and summer breaks. He already published two papers in J. Stat. Phys., and Int. J. Mod. Phys. B on Spanning trees on the Sierpinski gasket (with Prof. Lung-Chi Chen in Department of Mathematics, Fu Jen Catholic University) and zeros of the Potts model partition function in the large-q limit (with Professor Robert Shrock at SUNY Stony Brook).
Prof. Chang and Lung-Chi Chen also worked on enumerating the number of dimers on the Sierpinski gasket with possible vacancies on the outmost vertices. They derived rigorously such numbers and the corresponding entropies on the twodimensional Sierpinski gasket and its generalization with three, four and five layers. The upper and lower bounds of the entropies for the three, four and five dimensional Sierpinski gaskets are also obtained. This work will be submitted for publication soon.
2. Prof. Tzeng Wen-Jer (Tamkang Univ, Dept Phys) visited NCTS (North) during summer and winter break. He worked on genetic switch in periodic-changing environments.
3. Prof. Hsin-Chang Chi (Deaprtment of Applied Science, National Hualien University of Education) visited NCTS (North) during summer break. He and Prof. K. N. Huang of Academia Sinica used relativistic many-body perturbation theory to calculate energy levels and transition probabilities of molecules. A research paper is under preparation.
4. Olga S. Rozanova (Mathematics and Mechanics faculty, Moscow State University, RUSSIA) visited NCTS (North) during summer break. She and Prof. Jui- Ling Yu (Dept. of Applied Math., Providence University, a visitor at Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica during summer break) worked on a model typhoon trajectories and a manuscript is under preparation.
5. Dr. Philippe Arnaud1 (Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination du CNRS, France) visited NCTS (North) in October 2006. He and Dr. Jung-Hsin Lin (Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica) are using docking and molecular dynamics simulations to study the targeting of telomeres by small molecules, which is nowadays one the most promising strategies for the discovery of new antitumoral drugs. They continue the cooperation and will finish a paper in the near future.
6. Dr. N. Sh. Izmailian (Yerevan Institute of Physics) visited NCTS (North) in early 2007. He and Dr. Chin-Kun Hu finished a paper for co-evolution of virus and immune system, which was published in [Phys. Rev. E 75, 041104 (2007)]. They also worked on a paper about finite-size effects for the Ising model on the helical tori, which will appear in [Phys. Rev. E 76 (2007)].
7. Zbigniew Struzik (Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo) visited NCTS (North) in March 2007. He, Dr. Ming-Chya Wu (National Central University), and Dr. Chin- Kun Hu finished a paper on temporal evolution for the phase histogram of ECG during human ventricular fibrillation, which was published in AIP Conference Proceedings 922 (AIP, New York, 2007) edited by M. Tacano, Y. Yamamoto, and M. Nakao, pp. 573-576. A new version of the paper which takes into account the survival probability is under preparation and will be sent to a journal for publication in the near future.