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LHC Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 張敬明教授Kingman Cheung(NTHU)/陳傳仁教授Chuan-Ren Chen(NTNU)
Committee members : Chuan-Hung Chen (NCKU), Kingman Cheung(NTHU), Cheng-Wei Chiang(NCU), Xiao-Gang He(NTU), Kwei-Chou Yang (CYCU), Tzu-Chiang Yuan(AS)
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Each year, we have many visitors coming from around the world. Among them, many are renown senior theorists, as well as outstanding junior faculty. They play a crucial role in maintaining the vitality of the PNC focus group, through their seminars, lectures, as well as collaborations with our PNC members. The 2007 visitors are listed as follows.
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