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LHC Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 張敬明教授Kingman Cheung(NTHU)/陳傳仁教授Chuan-Ren Chen(NTNU)
Committee members : Chuan-Hung Chen (NCKU), Kingman Cheung(NTHU), Cheng-Wei Chiang(NCU), Xiao-Gang He(NTU), Kwei-Chou Yang (CYCU), Tzu-Chiang Yuan(AS)
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Our weekly seminar and journal clubs are: (1) Particle physics journal club, (2) Theoretical physics seminar, (3) Cosmology and astrophysics journal club, and (4) Lattice QCD journal club. Among them, (4) is a new activity which has started since March 2007. These weekly activities are crucial for the successes of High Energy Physics in Taiwan. In particular, (1) has played a crucial role to bring HEP experimentalists and theorists together, which is crucial for the advancements of the NTU Belle group as well as our B-physics phenomenologists. In fact, many new ideas and insights were initiated at (1), through intensive discussions among several participants, and also between experimentalists and theorists.
Besides the regular weekly seminars and journal clubs, we have The 20th Spring School in Particles and Fields in April, and The 7th Particle Physics Phenomenology Workshop (PPP7) in June. The purpose of the Spring School is to introduce recent hot topics to graduate students at a pedagogical level. Also, it is one of the main activities in Taiwan HEP community. Most graduate students and faculty attend The Spring School every year. At PPP7, we had many distinguished speakers from US and Japan, including the KEK Director Atsuto Suzuki, and former Belle spokesman Steve Olsen. There were many scientific discussions in PPP7, which may already have had impacts to the development of HEP.
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