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Lattice QCD and Hadron Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 章文箴教授(Prof. Wen-Chen, Chang(AS))
Committee members :高崇文教授(Prof.Chung-Wen Kao(CYCU)), 林及仁教授(Prof. David Chi-Jen Lin (NCTU)), 陳俊瑋教授 (Prof.Jiunn-Wei Chen (NTU)), 劉承邦教授(Prof. Cheng-Pang Liu (NDHU)), 江府峻教授 (Prof. Fu-Jiun Jiang (NTNU)), 章文箴教授(Prof. Wen-Chen, Chang(AS))
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Regular meetings:
  • Group meeting of the TWQCD collaboration at NTU (weekly)
  • Group meeting of the hadronic physics group at NTU (biweekly), video conference to NDHU, plus AS and TKU in the fall
  • Theoretical and Computational Seminars Series at NDHU (biweekly)
  • Biweekly meeting on AdS/CFT, alternating between NTU and NTNU
  • Joined biweekly LHC journal club with the LHC initiative (video conference to CERN)
  • Miniworkshop on Higgs-Yukawa on a Lattice, NTU, May 15, 2010.
  • The 14th Taiwan Nuclear Physics School, to be held in Jan., 2011. At NDHU.
  • Mini-workshop on Beyond Standard Model Lattice Simulations in Nov. 2010.
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