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Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳鴻宜教授 (Prof. Hong-Yi Chen(NTNU))
Committee members : 林瑜琤 教授(Prof. Y. C. Lin(NCCU)), 高英哲教授 (Prof. Ying-Jer Kao(NTU)), 陳永忠教授(Prof. Yung-Chung Chen(THU)), 陳柏中教授 (Professor Po-Chung Chen(NTHU)) , 陳穎叡教授(Prof.Yiing-Rei Chen(NTNU)), 關肇正教授(Prof. Chao-Cheng Kaun (AS))
Brief Description
The “Novel Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter (NQPCM)” focus group is the newly combined one of previous “Spin-Related Physics in Condensed Matter (SRPCM)” (led by Chong-Der Hu) and “Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES)” (led by Chung-Yu Mou) focus groups. Its goal is to provide a platform for the condensed matter theorists in greater Taiwan to interact strongly with each other, and ultimately work together to focus on some frontier areas in condensed matter physics. To achieve this goal, a program committee is formed and devoted to promote mutual interactions in all formats that lead to fruitful collaborations.
In addition to committee members, there are twenty active members (professors) and twenty active young members (postdocs & senior graduate students) or so. Current focused research topics selected and studied by the group members are: (1) Superconductors & Oxides, (2) Spintronics and spin Hall effect, (3) Multiferroics, (4) Low-dimensional system (graphene, quantum dot, nanotube, etc.), (5) Strongly correlated system of cold atoms, (6) Numerical methods in strongly correlated electronic systems, and (7) Quantum computing.
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