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Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳鴻宜教授 (Prof. Hong-Yi Chen(NTNU))
Committee members : 林瑜琤 教授(Prof. Y. C. Lin(NCCU)), 高英哲教授 (Prof. Ying-Jer Kao(NTU)), 陳永忠教授(Prof. Yung-Chung Chen(THU)), 陳柏中教授 (Professor Po-Chung Chen(NTHU)) , 陳穎叡教授(Prof.Yiing-Rei Chen(NTNU)), 關肇正教授(Prof. Chao-Cheng Kaun (AS))
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Highlights of Research Results
Current focused topics selected and studied by the group members are: (1) Superconductors & Oxides, (2) Spintronics and spin Hall effect, (3) Multiferroics, (4) Low-dimensional system (graphene, quantum dot, nanotube, etc.), (5) Strongly correlated system of cold atoms, (6) Numerical methods in strongly correlated electronic systems, and (7) Quantum computing. Highlights of Research Results are as follows.
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(4) Low-dimensional system
Chung-Hou Chung and his collaborators have focused on quantum phase transitions and charge transport associated with the Kondo effect in semiconductor quantum dots. They successfully showed the Kondo-to-spin singlet phase transition/crossover based on a simple proposed setup and have applied the numerical renormalization group (NRG) method to extract the transmission coefficient through the double dots [14]. In addition, they have proposed (for the first time) the realization of the quantum critical non-Fermi liquid state, originally discovered in the 2-impurity Kondo model, in the double quantum dot systems [15]. For these excellent works, Chung was invited to give a talk at the workshop in Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) on quantum criticality (Pohang, Korea, Feb., 2007). Paper [15] has been selected as one of the Highlights of the Poster Session in the international conference in strongly correlated electron systems (Houston, May, 2007).
In collaboration with K. Ingerson's group and others, Chung has also managed to obtain the NRG results for the pseudogap Bose-Fermi Anderson model for spinless electrons. The NRG results are in excellent agreement with the analytical RG predictions [16].