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Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Physics Focus Group
Coordinator : 陳鴻宜教授 (Prof. Hong-Yi Chen(NTNU))
Committee members : 林瑜琤 教授(Prof. Y. C. Lin(NCCU)), 高英哲教授 (Prof. Ying-Jer Kao(NTU)), 陳永忠教授(Prof. Yung-Chung Chen(THU)), 陳柏中教授 (Professor Po-Chung Chen(NTHU)) , 陳穎叡教授(Prof.Yiing-Rei Chen(NTNU)), 關肇正教授(Prof. Chao-Cheng Kaun (AS))
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During the past one year, the activities organized or sponsored by our group are: (1) The Fifth Joint Workshop on Physics of Metal Oxides: Experiment and Theory, 2006/12/01-2006/12/03, Yi-Lan. (2) The 6th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Frontiers of Condensed-Matter Science and Symposium on 20-years Anniversary of Discovery of YBCO: 2007/04/13 - 2007/04/16, Academia Sinica, Taipei. (3) 2007 Summer Workshop on Novel Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter: 2007/07/13 - 2007/07/15, NDHU, Hualien. (4) 2007 Winter Workshop on Numerical Method in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems : 2007/12/11 - 2007/12/15, NTHU, Hsinchu. (5) The topic program on Superconductivity and Magnetism at Nanoscale: Effects of quantum fluctuations and disorder: 2007/12/01 - 2008/01/31, NCTS, Hsinchu. Detailed programs of the above activities can be accessed in the webpage:
Activities (2) & (5) are aiming at inducing possible cooperation among participants and foreign visitors on frontier areas in condensed matter physics. They are also useful to make our scientific results more visible. Activities (1), (3), & (4) are aimed at providing a platform for domestic condensed matter experimentalists and theorists to work together on selected hot topics. They are also important in introducing new fields and/or new theoretical technique to young researchers.
In addition to the above activities, we have also organized weakly condensed matter seminars (given by visitors or participants) in NTU & NTHU/NCTU (occasionally also in other universities). There are also visiting programs hosted in NCTS (Hsinchu and/or Taipei) during the summer and winter time.
To train young-generation physicists, the committee has reached the consensus that travel funding is awarded based on the priority of postdocs, senior Ph.D. students, and junior faculty members. This year we have supported three Ph.D. students and one postdoc to attend international conferences up to now.
(1) 凝態物理演講(NTU)    (2) 凝態物理演講(NTHU) | 研討會& Programs