Travel Infos

In the following, we outline the travel information which hopefully can meet many different travel plans of the participants.

  • 1. For those whose travel plans do not fit into above categories, please contact Ms. Liu (
  • 2. For local participants, there are many different ways to reach ChiTou. We have included maps for local participants who travel by car. Local participants who would like to take the shuttle buses between the HSR Taichung station and ChiTou should make their reservations through the registration form. On August 10, the departure times at High Speed Rail (TaiChung Station) are 13:30, 16:50, and 18:00. On August 17, the departure time at the LeMidi Hotel is 10:00. No fees will be charged for transportation through these shuttle buses.
  • 3. Participants are requested to include details of their travel schedule in the registration form. Corrections after submission of this form or additions after the registration is closed will be possible only by direct communication to Ms. Liu (