January 2-6, 2015, GIS NTU Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan
We would like to extend our invitation to you to our school/workshop, "Topological phases of matter, quantum field theory, and quantum information'', held between the 2rd to the 6th of January, 2015, in the National Center for Theoretical Sciences North at National Taiwan University.

The concept of topological order has been around for more than 20 years, and in the past few years many new understanding and breakthrough have accumulated, along with the discovery of topological insulators/superconductors and new insights from the quantum information sciences. We invite the worldwide experets to have a timely school/workshop on these topics.

We are delighted to have Prof. Xiao-Gang Wen, Prof. Cenke Xu, Prof. Zheng-Cheng Gu, Prof. Tzu-Chieh Wei, Prof. Ling-Yan Hung, Dr. Brian Swingle and Dr. Yi-Dun Wan as our invited speakers.

Our invited speakers will give pedagogical lectures targeting enthusiasts coming from different fields, particularly curious and interested high energy physicists yet foreign to the recent exciting progress in topological phases of matter and their implications in quantum entanglement and also quantum information. We will also complement these lectures by talks on more specialised topics.

We are looking forward to inspiring interactions and conversations between experts from different fields. Hope to see you there!

Deadline for registrations: December 3th, 2014
Invited Speakers
  • Zheng-Cheng Gu (PI)
  • Yuting Hu (University of Utah)
  • Ling-Yan Hung (Fudan)
  • Brian Swingle (Harvard)
  • Yidun Wan (PI)
  • Tzu-Chieh Wei (SUNY)
  • Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT)
  • Cenke Xu (UCSB)
  • Janet Hung (Fudan)
  • Feng-Li Lin (NTNU)
  • Yidun Wan (PI)